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From our humble beginnings in 1897 to our energetic spirit today, Congregation Beth Mordecai has served a diverse Jewish population drawing from Perth Amboy, suburban Middlesex County, and as far away as New York City.

Located on beautiful High Street near the marina in historic Perth Amboy, Congregation Beth Mordecai opened the doors of our current building in 1926. Its fine features have been preserved, from exquisite stained glass windows to original woods. Yet, while the sanctuary is breathtaking, it is the soulfulness and spirit of the people that truly makes our community special. A sense of warmth pervades our services, our special events, and all of our activities as we welcome individuals and families of all races, creeds, and religions. No matter who you are or where you come from, we can be your soul’s Jewish home.

We are committed to being an innovative Jewish community that seeks to find the right mix between tradition and change. We are a startup with a sense of history, and we are poised to be a passionate voice for meaningful Jewish living. Join us on our journey as we build together a Jewish home for the soul.

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