Check out Beth Mordecai’s four pillars of practice and belief…

Shabbat – Experiencing Shabbat Together

  • We believe in the Stillness of Shabbat; to rest, refresh, and renew our spiritual and physical lives.
  • We believe in the Song of Shabbat; to “remember” (Exodus 20:8) it as a special day of celebration through song and other joyful experiences.
  • We believe in the Sanctity of Shabbat; to “protect” (Deuteronomy 5:12) it as a unique day unlike any other through particular observances that are informed by Tradition.
  • We believe in the Sharing of Shabbat; to use as much of the 25 hours of Shabbat as we can to come together as a community. We will put forward a good faith effort to be present in our community on Shabbat.

Faith – Exploring Our Faith and the Faiths of Others as it relates to Judaism

  • We believe in the Freedom of Faith; to approach life’s Big Questions with openness, hopefulness, and genuineness.
  • We believe in the Fortitude of Faith; to give us strength when life is hardest.
  • We believe in the Fluidity of Faith; to welcome people of all faith backgrounds to share in our faith journeys together.
  • We believe in the Force of Faith; to join with people of all faith backgrounds to “pursue justice” (Deuteronomy 16:20) (sic)

Tradition – Engaging the Relevance of Tradition

  • We believe in the Torah of Tradition; to learn the teachings of the Torah and its interpreters throughout history.
  • We believe in the Tales of Tradition; to share the stories and customs embedded in Judaism throughout our history.
  • We believe in the Toughness of Tradition; to value the practices, beliefs, and customs of Jewish life that have kept the Jewish people strong through the ages.
  • We believe in the Transformation of Tradition; to apply new ways of making Tradition relevant in our current day and age.

Belonging – Encouraging Feelings of Belonging

  • We believe in the Beauty of Belonging; to recognize that “it is good and pleasant for brothers and sisters to dwell together” (Psalms 133:1).
  • We believe in the Blessing of Belonging; to connect together in meaningful ways that benefit our physical, mental, and spiritual lives.
  • We believe in the Broadening of Belonging; to expand the network of people who belong to our group.
  • We believe in the Beacon of Belonging; to rally around the State of Israel as the “beginning of the flowering of our redemption” (Grace After Meals).