What is the Cantorial Showcase?

February 6, 2014
By bethmordecai
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What is the Cantorial Showcase?

יהללו את שם ה’ כי נשגב שמו לבדו (תהילים קמח)

Let all praise the Glory of God, for God alone is sublime (Psalms 148) 

What is the idea?

The Cantorial Showcase is a joint program Temple Beth Mordecai and the Cantorial school of JTS to showcase the talents of different up-and-coming cantorial students in our beautiful and acoustically perfect sanctuary. Each showcase will highlight the talents of a different student and will include a profile in the local Jewish newspaper in addition to a financial stipend. The cantorial student will partner with Rabbi Ari Saks to identify signature pieces to chant that are equally as important as the sermon and other teachings during the service. Appropriate feedback will be collected by Rabbi Saks and specific lay leaders based upon a mutually agreed upon feedback form between JTS and Temple Beth Mordecai. This feedback will be delivered to the student by a chosen mentor at JTS. 

What is our goal?

We are looking for ways to more effectively utilize our beautiful sanctuary and to take advantage of its unparalleled acoustics while raising the profile of our synagogue. We believe that our sanctuary makes us a destination synagogue for all of those interested in Jewish music, especially in hazzanut. By profiling Jewish music in our sanctuary we can spur greater interest in our Temple.

 Stay tuned for the next Cantorial Showcases…

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