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RABBI: Ari Saks

Rabbi Ari Saks

Rabbi Ari Yehuda Saks grew up in a Conservative rabbinic household spending time in Benton Harbor, MI, Middletown, CT, Philadelphia, PA, and Calgary, AB. A product of Jewish Day School, Camp Ramah, United Synagogue Youth, and the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, he continued his Jewish education at List College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from…continue reading



Having been an active member in a large synagogue in Monmouth County for over 30 years as a trustee and chairperson for many committees, Elliot chose to go back to college for nonprofit management when he retired from the business world.

Elliot closed an interstate warehousing and retailing chain and became an executive director for a small synagogue in Sussex County before joining Beth Mordecai. Using his business acumen he has helped Beth Mordecai cut costs and works closely with Rabbi Saks with helping it to grow again.


Alan Roy Mug

Alan Roy was born in South Africa and immigrated to New Jersey in 1986. His late parents were active members of the Bloemfontein Hebrew Congregation which is how Alan  became active in his shul from a very young age…continue reading



Cheryl August
Cheryl August is a graduate of Beth Mordecai’s Sunday and Hebrew Schools and has the distinction of being among the first to be Bat Mitzvah’d on our Bimah. The August family has a 50 year connection to Beth Mordecai…continue reading


TREASURER: Marc Fertik

Marc Head Shot 2013 287 x 384
Marc Fertik joined Beth Mordecai in late 2013, after realizing that close friends from East Brunswick were related to Rabbi Saks through marriage! Marc and his family were long time members of EBJC who were looking for a different style congregation after several years of being unaffiliated…continue reading


SECRETARY: Scott Gursky

Scott Gursky has been apart of Beth Mordecai since his Bar Mitzvah there in ’99. He grew up around the corner and continued to attend Shabbat services regularly from then on. Whether reading Haftarah or eating Kiddish, Scott always enjoys the closeness and friendliness that the Beth Mordecai community has to offer… continue reading



Norman Silverstein: “From the moment I entered Beth Mordecai, I realized it was a unique Temple – one of a kind. Not just the architectural beauty of the sanctuary, but the acceptance by congregants of all Jews from all backgrounds and all walks of life…continue reading


I would like to introduce myself to all the congregants at Beth Mordecai. I was very surprised when I got an email from Rabbi Saks requesting that as a leader of Beth Mordecai to please write a letter for the website talking about my connection to Beth Mordecai because I never thought of myself as a leader, but rather an active member….continue reading