Parashat Eikev (עקב) — More Than Just Us

July 26, 2013
By bethmordecai
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Parashat Eikev (עקב) — More Than Just Us

2013/5773 (Triennial III) — More Than Just Us (PART I)

Every day we learn more about life. The experiences we have, the teachings that we gain all amount to the unique oral Torah that each one of us carries along, and it is by seeing life through the lens of that unique Torah which gives us the ability to understand the nature of reality. Reality is thus through the eyes of the beholder. 
Yet, aren’t there moments when we become aware of the limitations of our vision? Aren’t there opportunities for us to see reality as something more, as something greater than what we experience in our own individual lives? These are the questions that we will investigate today through the lens of our tradition’s unique written Torah.  

(2013/5773) Triennial III — More Than Just Us (PART II) 

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