DAY 138: In memory of Cantor David Lavine z”l

November 15, 2012
By bethmordecai
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DAY 138: In memory of Cantor David Lavine z”l

Dear Hevreh,

Psalm 31:13

נשכחתי כמת מלב הייתי ככלי אבד

I am put out of mind like the dead; I am like an object given up for lost

The sad news of the sudden passing of Cantor David Lavine z”l is a reminder to me of the gift and tenuousness of life.  Over the past couple of months, I spent a good time with Cantor Lavine preparing for the holidays, and though our relationship was a professional one, he was a big part of my life for my first few months at Beth Mordecai.  I would call him often, to plan our meetings in New York, discuss innovative ideas for services (we used some of his brainstorms in our service), and to practice the services so they would go smoothly and be done in a professional manner. 

It’s hard to believe that all of a sudden he is gone.  I am sure many of you feel who developed a closer relationship with him over the years feel something similar.  Yet what is also difficult to wrap my head around is that life continues in a similar manner than before he died.  Today I am meeting with Reverend Jeffrey to go over our interfaith Thanksgiving service, working on coordinating volunteers, and building relationships with Federation and USCJ.  That’s life — it moves on whether we want it to or not.  That is also why it is critical for us to take a moment from our busy lives that never stop to remember those who touched our lives so that their lives will always remain a part of our minds.

Join us tonight at 7:30 pm for Reflections:  In Memory of Cantor David Lavine z”l in which we will sing, tell stories, and spend time remembering the gifts of Cantor Lavine and his impact on our community.

Kol Tuv,

Rabbi Ari Saks

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