DAY 801: Sunday’s Event — What A Success!

September 9, 2014
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DAY 801: Sunday’s Event — What A Success!

Dear Hevreh,

On Sunday afternoon, our beautiful sanctuary was filled with words that were provocative, engaging, timely, and deeply powerful on the challenges of Israeli-Palestinian peace. They are words that many of us are still digesting, and will continue to digest especially through the High Holidays. They are words that teach us that there can be multiple truths to a single reality, and it is possible (albeit painful) to hold those two truths as equally valid.

And as these powerful words were shared by our guests Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger and Ali Abu Awwad, we were there to listen to them. 115 people from far and wide in the Jewish community of Middlesex community were present in our beautiful sanctuary to hear these words and now to share them with others. 115 people — our highest attendance (outside the High Holidays) since I’ve been here as rabbi — came to our little Jewish Home for the Soul in Perth Amboy to be a part of this special event. Who knows how many of these people came to Perth Amboy for the first time and not only saw that Judaism is alive and thriving in this jewel by the Bay but also saw how beautiful this jewel of a town really is. It was a special moment for our community and for our town — and a special thanks to Mayor Diaz for coming and showing her support! — and it couldn’t have happened without your help.So whether you helped with creating the flyers, hosting our speakers, setting up the food, printing and organizing the flyers, welcoming our guests, or simply participated, thank you for making this event a tremendous success.

Thanks to you many more people have seen how, like the words shared on Sunday, our community is provocative, engaging, and deeply powerful. May the words of Sunday continue to resonate with us and may the experience of Sunday continue to motivate us to even greater heights.

Kol Tuv,

Rabbi Ari Saks

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