DAY 808: The Youthful Energy of Rosh Hashanah

September 16, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 808: The Youthful Energy of Rosh Hashanah

הָיוֹם הָרָת עוֹלָם

Hayom Harat Olam

Today is the birthday of the world

(Rosh Hashanah liturgy)

Dear Hevreh,

According to tradition, Rosh Hashanah is considered to be the “birthday of the world,” when God first began the process of creation. Perhaps this tradition teaches us that like our birthdays, the “re-birth” of the year not only gives us a chance to reflect on the year that has gone by, but to be rejuvenated for the year to come with the youthful energy of a newborn who looks at the world and sees the possibilities of what lies before her. In other words, Rosh Hashanah can help us find the kid in ourselves again.

How appropriate then that in this week leading up to Rosh Hashanah we have some opportunities to celebrate child-like curiosity and youthful hope for the future.

This Thursday morning (9/18) at 10 am we will have a Rosh Hashanah Story Time event for young kids in partnership with PJ Library of Jewish Federation and Big Tent Judaism. It will be an opportunity to share some stories related to the “Birthday of the World” and engage our child-like imaginations.

– This Saturday morning (9/20) at 10 am we will celebrate a beautiful baby naming! Jerrilyn (daughter of Richard and Ronna Silberberg) and Tommy Taranto will be brought up to the bimah together to give their daughter her Hebrew name. It will be a very special event for the Silberberg and Taranto families and they invite the congregation to this wonderful occassion (with a kiddush to follow). The services will take place in the sanctuary.

– And to top off our child-centered theme, the Young Jewish Professionals of Perth Amboy (YJPA) will be running their very first Tot Shabbat program on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah at 11 am at Beth Mordecai. The program is designed for kids ages 2-5 with siblings and children of all ages welcome.

May the youthful energy embedded in Rosh Hashanah help us rediscover our child-like curiosity for the wonders of the world.

Happy Birthday to the World!

Rabbi Ari Saks

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