Welcome to 2020

January 6, 2020
By Beth Mordecai
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Welcome to 2020

The running joke in my family is that none of our kids have glasses… yet. If someone does,not yet have glasses, it is a matter of time for each of them. Yet how well a person sees with their eyes and how one sees with their hearts are two very different things.

We just celebrated the new year of 2020. Bob Dylan asks us, How many times can a man look up, before he sees the sky? He tells us the answer is blowing in the wind. Many compare God’s presence in the world to the wind. It cannot be seen directly, yet it can be felt, and we can see its effect.

There are many things in this world we cannot “see,” yet we can feel their presence. We cannot see the emotion of love, yet we can see all that people do out of love. God’s presence is similar, ever-present, and visible through people’s actions inspired by God’s commandments and love.

As our nights slowly shorten and we move closer to spring, let us work to bring God into our world, our lives and our hearts.

This month, I ask God’ s blessing for us to look up, see the sky, and God’s presence with the 2020 vision of our hearts.

Rabbi Sara Metz

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