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July 21, 2016
By bethmordecai
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DAY 1468: A Prayer to Breathe

Dear Hevreh, Below you'll find a prayer I wrote in honor of the victims of the Dallas shooting which I'll be reading at a vigil today organized by the Perth Amboy Chaplain Corps. I will be speaking on this prayer (and the sources quoted) during my talk tonight. Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Ari Saks Adonai Elohei Haruchot L'khol Basar, God, Source of the breath of all flesh (Numbers 27:15) You breathed your spirit into the nostrils of the First Human (Genesis 2:7) Imbuing our earthly bodies with your heavenly spirit (Rashi on Genesis 2:7) A pure spirit (Talmud Masekhet B'rakhot 60b; Birkhot Hashahar) So as long as I breathe, I acknowledge Your Presence (Talmud Masekhet B'rakhot 60b; Birkhot Hashahar) Lord in this moment of hamas, of anger and hostility (Genesis[...]

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