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May 31, 2013
By bethmordecai
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gDAY 335 (Part I): Cantor Showcase — The Gifts We Give and The Gifts We Receive

Dear Hevreh, Who doesn't like exchanging gifts? Who doesn't like the excitement of opening up a box full of mystery and opportunity -- is it a toy? a book? a piece of jewelry? The anticipation of ripping through that wrapping paper can be thrilling, even if it's just for a moment. Yet there is also the other side of gift giving: the trepidation that we didn't get the right gift. As a giver, we are anxious to not disappoint our loved one with our gift-choice, and as a receiver, we are cautious that our reaction may hurt the feelings of the giver. From personal experience I can tell you that I've felt these disparate emotions -- excitement and trepidation -- at the[...]

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