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November 13, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 866: Hebrew and Anti-Semitism — Previewing Tonight’s 2nd Installation of the Adult Education Series “A Little Schtickala of Yiddishkeit”

Dear Hevreh, Hebrew is a wonderful, inspiring, charming, and yet deeply challenging facet of Judaism. It holds many of our greatest secrets and reveals the depths of Jewish wisdom. It is a language that has been dissected and analyzed for ages and much of what we know as Jewish -- from religious laws to cultural practices -- has a source in Hebrew (and particularly the Hebrew found in the Torah). Yet while it is full of such richness, that richness is hidden behind a veil of strange looking letters, vowels, and symbols that can confound us. And not just us, but our ancestors as well, as in the case of Jews living in the first diaspora community in Alexandria who publicly read[...]

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