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November 6, 2013
By bethmordecai
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DAY 494: The Keif (or “Fun”) of Rubber Ducks

Dear Hevreh, Last night, many of you received an email from our esteemed Executive Director Elliot Rubin about selling ducks for our Rubber Duck Race fundraiser on December 8th. (In case you did not receive the email, you can read it here). The focus of that email was on the importance of selling ducks as a mitzvah, as a command, in which we recognize our obligation to raise valuable tz'dakkah for our community and the greater Perth Amboy community. While that sense of mitzvah is extremely important, I want to focus in this journal entry on another way to look at this campaign we're undertaking over the next 33 days. This process should be keif, or FUN!, because c'mon...we're selling rubber ducks!   I don't know about you but[...]

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