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March 16, 2016
By bethmordecai
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Beth Mordecai’s Bracket Madness Sweepstakes!

Announcing Beth Mordecai's First-Ever 50/50 College Basketball Bracket MadnessSweepstakes! Support your community and have fun in the process, playing America's March pastime -- filling out a bracket for NCAA Men's College Basketball's Tournament! Here are the important details: 1) Entry is only $5 per bracket (send Elliot a check or ask to be billed). You may enter up to 4 brackets per person. 2) Have fun with your brackets! You do NOT have to be an expert (or know anything about college basketball) to play. Be creative with how you choose the teams that will win.  3) You do NOT have to be a Beth Mordecai member to participate so invite your friends and family! 4) Total score is based upon the number of points collected throughout the tournament: 1st round = 1 point per[...]

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