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Noam Elimelekh

June 12, 2015
By bethmordecai
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Parashat Sh’lah L’kha (שלח לך) — Why Is Life So Hard?

Parashat Sh'lah L'kha (שלח לך) -- Why Is Life So Hard? Every person experiences challenges in their daily life. For some those challenges are major and for some they are minor. But no one has experienced life without some aspect of pain, suffering, or difficulty. Why is this? Why can't life be easier? Why does it seem that we have to go through pain to discover life's greatest moments? This week, we will try to answer these questions by unpacking one verse (Numbers 14:17) from this week's Torah portion of Sh'lah L'kha with the help of the hasidic Torah commentary Noam Elimelekh. Join us for this fascinating conversation about the nature of life! Classes from other years: Triennial III (2013/5773) -- One Torah[...]

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