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February 13, 2015
By bethmordecai
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DAY 958: Make Kiddush, Not War

(2/13/15),   Sometimes inspiration hits you like a bolt of lightning, sometimes it comes after deep introspection and reflection. And at other times, it comes in the shape of a tweet that is 140 characters or less: Eli Kogan @elikogan  17m17 minutes ago Shabbat shalom! Candle lighting tonight 5:10 pm (in NYC). Make kiddush not war! ;) Have a great Shabbos! Make kiddush, not war... This witty quip particularly resonates with me this week. Perhaps, with a little tongue in cheek, "making kiddush" is associated with the theme of this weekend's national holiday. Or perhaps, more soberly, it's because "war" intimates "violence" and we are coming off a week in which violence has[...]

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