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July 24, 2015
By bethmordecai
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Parashat D’varim (דברים) — Does God Bring Financial Success?

Parashat D'varim 2015/5775 (Triennial II): Does Financial Success Come From God? Most people know the biblical account of manna from heaven: God provides food from heaven for the Israelites in the form of "manna," a bread like substance that according to rabbinic tradition tastes how you want it to taste. Likewise, the Israelites often stop in the desert for God to give them water. But In the triennial section of this week's Torah portion, we read something different: the Israelites had to PAY the tribe of Esau for food and water (Deuteronomy 2:6)! Because the food and water are no longer "free," does it mean that God does not provide it for them? This does not seem to be the[...]

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