Book Club – Rahsi’s Daughters, Book 2: Miriam

June 1, 2019
By Beth Mordecai
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Book Club – Rahsi’s Daughters, Book 2: Miriam

On Friday, June 21, we will discuss Rashi’s Daughters, Miriam: A Novel of Love and the Talmud in Medieval France , the second novel in the popular Rashi’s Daughters trilogy about the lives and loves of three daughters of the great Talmud scholar.

The engrossing historical series of three sisters living in eleventh-century Troyes, France, continues with the tale of Miriam, the lively and daring middle child of Salomon ben Isaac, the great Talmudic authority.

Having no sons, he teaches his daughters the intricacies of Mishnah and Gemara in an era when educating women in Jewish scholarship was unheard of. His middle daughter, Miriam, is determined to bring new life safely into the Troyes Jewish community and becomes a midwife.

As devoted as she is to her chosen path, she cannot foresee the ways in which she will be tested and how heavily she will need to rely on her faith. With Rashi’s Daughters, author Maggie Anton brings the Talmud and eleventh-century France to vivid life and poignantly captures the struggles and triumphs of strong Jewish women.

The Book Club follows our Kaballat Shabbat services at 8 p.m.



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