Executive Board



Sharon Bender joined the Board of Trustees as the Secretary in 2016.  She is a long time member and is very active with YJPA.






Cheryl AugustCheryl August is a graduate of Beth Mordecai’s Sunday and Hebrew Schools and has the distinction of being among the first to be Bat Mitzvah’d on our Bimah. The August family has a 50 year connection to Beth Mordecai.

Possessing a Bachelors’ Degree in Theater and an MBA in Finance, Cheryl has a long-standing history of working in the financial end of the Performing Arts and Film Industries.  Currently, she is the Corporate Controller at New York City Center, a prominent performing arts venue in mid-town Manhattan. A Manhattan resident, Cheryl serves as Treasurer of her CO-OP apartment building.


TREASURER: Steve Rutland




TREASURER: Marc Fertik

Marc Head Shot 2013 287 x 384Marc Fertik joined Beth Mordecai in late 2013. A huge fan of Saturday Morning Services and Lox/Bagel Kiddush, you will often find Marc and the Rabbi chatting about life and enjoying a morning drink (consider joining them!).

Marc serves as our lay leader on Shabbat Morning for Breakfast Minyan when the Rabbi is out of town (or simply switching seats!), and enjoys poker, golf, and other activities. He and his wife, Betty, recently served on the Safran Hall Rededication Committee and the Rabbi Saks Dinner Committee. He is a graduate of Colgate University and their sons are involved in Food/Catering/Restaurant Consulting and 3D Spaces/Design/Theatre.



SECRETARY: Larissa Sufaru




Alan Roy was born in South Africa and immigrated to New Jersey in 1986. His late parents were active members of the Bloemfontein Hebrew Congregation which is how Alan  became active in his shul from a very young age…

After marrying Vardi they moved to  Namibia where Alan was elected to the board of the Windhoek Hebrew  congregation.

Alan has found temple Beth Mordecai to be the “Jewish Home for his Soul” and the continued success of this Congregation has become a passion for him.



Members of the Board of Trustees

Ann Blog

David Bennett

Larry Deutchman *PP

Michael Gast *PP

Dr. Alvin Kravet *PP

Nessa Madison

Ron Miskoff *PP

Steve Rutland

Stephen Safran

Louis Sher

Norman Silverstein *PP

Jeremy Strauss

Larissa Sufaru


*PP = Past President