Parashat Lekh Lekha (2015/5776) — Tears as Prayer

October 23, 2015
By bethmordecai
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Parashat Lekh Lekha (2015/5776) — Tears as Prayer

Parashat Lekh Lekha 2015/5776: Tears As Prayer

Prayer is more than words, it’s an emotion. More concretely, it’s an emotional response to the realities of our lives. We find ourselves praying in good times and in bad, but when things are tough our prayers seem to get louder. No wonder then that, in the rabbinic imagination, crying that leads to tears is one of the most powerful forms of prayer that we have.

In this week’s Torah class, we will explore how Tears can be a form of Prayer through the example of Hagar, Abram’s maidservant, as she runs away from home.

Join us for this powerful and important class on the emotional nature of prayer.

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