Parashat Matot-Ma’asei (מטות/מעסי) — Will You Go To War With Me?

July 17, 2015
By bethmordecai
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Parashat Matot-Ma’asei (מטות/מעסי) — Will You Go To War With Me?

Parashat Matot Ma-asei — Will You Go to War With Me?

The Iran Deal agreed to this past week calls into question the ways in which regional powers (Israel, Gulf States) relate to their allies abroad (America, France, Great Britain, etc.). Are their allies standing by them or leaving them to deal with potential consequences of the deal?

This week’s triennial Torah portion (Numbers 32 and 33) appropriately deal with the issue of whether “allies” (i.e. tribes) will go to war with their brethren if their immediate needs aren’t threatened. Likewise, how willing are we to stick our necks out for our friends if we are not affected to the same degree as they are? Will we be present with them or leave them in the lurch?

Join us for this fascinating and timely lesson from our Torah portion!

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