Parashat Noah (נח) — God’s Heart

October 24, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Parashat Noah (נח) — God’s Heart

Parashat Noah Triennial II (2014/5775) — God’s Heart

In this week’s Torah portion, God uses a flood to destroy all living beings except for Noah and all of the creatures stowed safely in his ark. Afterwards God resolves  to never again destroy humanity through a flood, but God’s decision only comes about after “God spoke to God’s heart” (Genesis 8:21). Is it possible for God to physically have a heart? If so (or even if it’s a metaphor) what is significant about God speaking to God’s heart and can it teach human beings something about our own hearts?

Join us for this fascinating class as we learn about God’s heart and the gift of our own hearts.

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