Parashat Vayikra (ויקרא) — All for One and One for All

March 20, 2015
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Parashat Vayikra (ויקרא) — All for One and One for All

Parashat Vayikra 2015/5775 (Triennial II) — All for One and One for All

The first verse of this week’s triennial Torah portion (Leviticus 3:1) speaks of the “zevah sh’lamim korbano,” the offering of the sacrifice of well-being. This sacrifice is the third of six sacrifices described in the early chapters of Leviticus (burnt, grain, well-being, sin, guilt, and thanksgiving). The key Hebrew root embedded in the offering of the sacrifice of well-being is “sh-l-m” meaning peace or wholeness. The rabbis in the Sifra, a 3rd century CE midrash on Leviticus, teaches us that because it contains the root “sh-l-m,” the well-being sacrifice contains within it all of the other sacrifices so that TOGETHER they bring peace/wholeness to the world AND that the well-being sacrifice ON ITS OWN brings peace and wholeness. How also simply known as “sh’lamim.”

How does this teaching help us understand our collective and individual actions as vehicles for bringing peace and wholeness to the world?

Join us for this interesting class as we explore the result of acting one for all, and all for one.


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