Parashat Mikeitz (מקץ) — Hope Amidst Destruction

December 19, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Parashat Mikeitz (מקץ) — Hope Amidst Destruction

Parashat Mikeitz 2014/5775 (Triennial II) — Hope Amidst Destruction

In this week’s Torah portion we learn about the stories related to the rationing (“shever”) of grain in Egypt by our forefather Joseph. The Hebrew word “shever” is used often in this context, principally to refer to the dividing of grains into rations. Yet in other contexts the same root (sh-v-r) means “to destroy” and an analogous root (s-v-r) means “to hope.” What can we learn by the different meanings of the same root? Given the dire circumstances caused by the famine in Egypt, is it possible that the act of “rationing” is a reflection of hope amidst destruction? And if so, what role can God play in helping us have hope through the tribulations of destruction?

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