DAY 465: The Importance of Feedback To Knowing What Works

October 8, 2013
By bethmordecai
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DAY 465: The Importance of Feedback To Knowing What Works

Dear Hevreh,

We are still less than a month removed from our High Holiday celebrations as a community, and I hope you are still feeling some of the positive effects of those days together and that they helped make the wisdom of a Jewish tradition come alive for you. I’ve already heard a good amount of positive and constructive feedback from you on the content and the process of those days, yet in order to make the lessons from those days stick throughout the year, and in order to improve the overall experience of the holidays every year, it is important to know more. That is why this week I will continue to listen to anecdotal feedback through private conversations and meetings while also engaging in a process to make our feedback collection more scientific. Today I will be meeting with board member and former president Ron Miskoff to work on a survey that we will send out to our community to receive the necessary feedback we need on key questions that will help improve the High Holiday experience in and of itself and will better leverage that experience to deepen our engagement in the community throughout the year. We are conducting this survey because if we are truly going to make Beth Mordecai a passionate Jewish Home for the Soul, then we have to dispassionately assess our programs and experiences so that they can be as effective as possible at transmitting the passion and richness of our Jewish tradition.

If you have a good question or idea that you think we should incorporate into the survey, please let me know via email. You can also follow updates from this meeting and insights into what kind of questions we’re considering by following me today on Twitter via  @Ari_Saks. By committing ourselves to reviewing our programs and experiences, we commit ourselves to being a learning congregation interested in what works to make Judaism come alive.

Kol Tuv,

Rabbi Ari Saks

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