DAY 5 — A Treasure Trove of Knowledge

July 5, 2012
By bethmordecai
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DAY 5 — A Treasure Trove of Knowledge

Dear Hevreh,

This afternoon, I had the honor of going with Elliot to the apartment of Sarah Omanson z”l, who passed away at the beginning of June.  Her nephew, Joel, was coming in on occasion to move her aunt’s stuff from her apartment and he asked us to if we were interested in taking her collection of Judaica and Jewish books.  We obliged and this afternoon brought over five large boxes of Jewish books from her library!  These books keenly described a woman who moved from Brooklyn to Perth Amboy to become a librarian at Fort Monmouth for 35 years (1942-1979).  They epitomize a woman who wrote poems and short stories as a member of the International Society of Poets.  What’s more, this vast collection of Jewish books indicated a woman who was knowledgeable about her faith.  As Elliot mentioned as we walked out, it is sad to know that this source of Jewish knowledge and wisdom is no longer with us.

Hopefully though part of her legacy will live on in the books which her estate has donated to our congregation in her name and which will bear her name on the inside covers.  That is what we do as a community.  We honor the memories of our loved ones and treasure their possessions as artifacts of a life that can keep teaching us how to live.

May Sarah’s books always grace the halls of our congregation and help inspire future generations to learn about our faith.

Kol tuv (all the best),

Rabbi Ari Saks

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