DAY 958: Make Kiddush, Not War

February 13, 2015
By bethmordecai
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DAY 958: Make Kiddush, Not War

Sometimes inspiration hits you like a bolt of lightning, sometimes it comes after deep introspection and reflection. And at other times, it comes in the shape of a tweet that is 140 characters or less:

Eli Kogan @elikogan  17m17 minutes ago
Shabbat shalom! Candle lighting tonight 5:10 pm (in NYC). Make kiddush not war! 😉 Have a great Shabbos!

Make kiddush, not war
This witty quip particularly resonates with me this week. Perhaps, with a little tongue in cheek, “making kiddush” is associated with the theme of this weekend’s national holiday. Or perhaps, more soberly, it’s because “war” intimates “violence” and we are coming off a week in which violence has again struck our nation. Or perhaps it is a combination of the two. “Making kiddush means coming together to sanctify (l’hakdish), to make holy. While ostensibly we are sanctifying the day of Shabbat, the way we do so as a community is by coming together at the end of services to eat, drink, and spend time together — i.e. to make kiddush. Historically, this special community time was used to catch up, here about each other’s weeks, discuss important topics (perhaps even close some business deals), and learn together. Being invited to kiddush, whether as a regular or as a guest, meant that you were embraced by the community even if at one point you were an outsider. If you want to make peace with someone, bring them to kiddush because how could one not feel the love of sharing laughs, wine, and food together!
So with that warm, loving feeling of kiddush in mind, join us this week for services AND kiddush on Friday and Saturday. And if you come Saturday, you’ll get a BONUS — a meat cholent kiddush provided by Yudita Markovich.
What better way to celebrate this weekend of love! 🙂
Looking forward to making kiddush together!
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ari Saks


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