DAY 443: Savoring that Refreshing Feeling

September 16, 2013
By bethmordecai
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DAY 443: Savoring that Refreshing Feeling

  • Dear Hevreh,

I feel a sense of newness, perhaps even a lightness of spirit, after the Yom Kippur we just celebrated together. I’m not sure if it’s specifically because of this year’s experience, or if it happens every year (and I just don’t remember much about last year!), but regardless it’s really a refreshing feeling, one which I will savor as long as I have it.

It’s refreshing because it gives me a sense of gratitude for what we just accomplished. From the hallowed Kol Nidre to the final Avinu Malkeinu and shofar blast, this Yom Kippur was truly an inspirational experience. There are many people I want to thank for their participation and volunteerism (you can see the list at the end), though I specifically want to use this space to offer a special yishar koah (“great job!”) to Cantor/Rabbi Bronwen Mullin whose musical and davening talents exceeds no bounds; to Oren Pollak for a beautiful Shaharit and Minhahservice that got us singing; to President Norman Silverstein whose moving appeal truly spoke to why we’re here at Beth Mordecai (and why we’ll continue to stay here!); and to Scott Gurskyfor finishing the holidays with his usual Shofar skill and also for filling whatever role we need him to fill. Lastly, as I mentioned in my Facebook post yesterday, I want to thank the whole congregation for being open and willing to try new ways of connecting the holidays. If you are interested in reading my sermons, you can find them online here and here. It is because of all of you that I am truly leaving these High Holidays with a sense of gratitude.

It’s refreshing because it motivates me to look at the future with a sense of the possibility. It is often hard to look into the future without bringing the baggage of our past, baggage that can sometimes weigh us down. Personally, I feel that Yom Kippur and the High Holiday season has removed the weight of that baggage so that I can look at our future with unbridled optimism and hope, which is why I not only can’t wait to spend quality time together at our Cocktails in the Sukkah on Friday at 6:30  or why I an not only more excited to getSPONSORS and sell DUCK ADOPTION certificates for our Rubber Duck Race fundraiser on October 20th, but I can’t wait to hear about your Jewish passions so that we can truly make our Jewish Home for the Soul a home for Passionate Judaism. That process, of listening to one another’s stories of our Jewish passions begins in earnest at tonight’s Board Meeting at 7 pm and will continue throughout the year.

This time of year, as we’re refreshed by the spirit of the High Holidays, is a special one. We don’t know how long it will last, but we should savor it and take advantage of it while we have it, because if we can harness the spiritual energy we have built over the past 10-12 days there is no telling how far we can go.

Kol Tuv,

Rabbi Ari Saks

P.S. Thank you to all of those who helped participate in our Yom Kippur services by ushering or with an honor:


  • Ann Blog
  • Larry Deutchman
  • Lauren Hunter
  • Neil Hunter
  • Matthew Richter



  • Hannah Alp
  • Susan Bernstein
  • Sheila Brown
  • Allan Carlin
  • Janet Cohen
  • Larry Deutchman
  • Avi Duvdevani
  • Michael Gast
  • Roberta Gast
  • Ryan Gast
  • Daniel Goldman
  • Sara Gursky
  • Scott Gursky
  • Jay Hamelburg
  • Miriam Hamelburg
  • Neil Hunter
  • Harry Korbman
  • Lee Lensky
  • Lori Miskoff
  • Ron Miskoff
  • Cantor Bronwen Mullin
  • Marty Pearlman
  • Oren Pollak
  • Jerry Priluker
  • Matthew Richter
  • Alan Roy
  • Stephen Safran
  • Lou Sher
  • Norman Silverstein
  • Walter Simons Rose
  • Barbra Siperstein
  • Rahni Trager
  • Sherry Weber
  • Marvin Winston


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