DAY 452: 5 Reasons to Love Torah

September 25, 2013
By bethmordecai
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DAY 452: 5 Reasons to Love Torah

Dear Hevreh,

5 Reasons I love Torah….
    #1 — Every time I look at a piece of Torah, I find something new I never found before
   #2 — Just looking at the letters as they drip with tradition and Godliness is a spiritual experience
   #3 — Who knew that dancing with a scroll could be so much fun?
   #4 — It grounds me, and reminds me to serve a higher purpose greater than myself
   #5 — Recognizing that Torah does not only live in a book; it lives in our hearts, as our own Unique Torah
What are some of the reasons YOU love Torah? What are some of the ways that Torah lives in YOUR heart? 
Come join us to explore those questions, and to have a fun and good time for the WHOLE family at our Rabbi’s Tisch on Thursday night at 6:30 pm! 
It will be sure to leave you smiling :).
Hag Sameah,
Rabbi Ari Saks
P.S. You might also see me do something crazy like this, but you won’t know till you come 🙂


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