Shabbat Message

January 26, 2018
By Beth Mordecai
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Shabbat Message

Good Afternoon,

What would you do, standing at the banks of the Red Sea or the Sea of Reeds, having just escaped slavery and you hear the Egyptian army approaching in their chariots? 

This week we read of the incredible miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea.  Exodus Chapter 14:15 states: The Lord said to Moses, Why do you cry out to Me? Speak to the children of Israel and let them travel.  The Medieval commentator, Rashi explains that this verse “teaches us that Moses was standing and praying. The Holy One, blessed be He, said to him, “This is no time to pray at length when Israel is in distress.”  God then commands Moses to stretch his staff over the water and Israel all walk through on dry land.

The splitting of the sea is a great miracle. God needed Moses to have a part in the people’s salvation.  It could not come from God alone.  Moses could not just pray to God, he had to act!

I have just returned from an incredible trip to Israel with the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey.  I traveled with Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy around Israel talking and listening to people of varying viewpoints.  We spoke some many people including Jewish settlers in the ancient city of Shiloh, the Orthodox rabbi and former member of the Knesset, the Palestinian art gallery who has been arrested by Israel countless times for protesting against Israel.  In some way, each person had the same basic message.  They felt deep love and connection to the land and they believed that little by little through conversation and connection some peace may be found.  

Every person wanted to have the miracle of peace and was working towards it.  Many of these people are deeply religious, Muslim and Jewish.  They pray multiple times a day for peace in their land yet they are also working as partners with their communities and with God to help perform this miracle. May we join them in our prayers and actions for a more peaceful future.

Please send me any of your thoughts or questions and I look forward to sharing much more about this incredible trip with you.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Metz

Please join us:

Tonight at 8 PM for a song filled Kabbalat Shabbat services with special Tu B’Shvat nosh from Israel!

Tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 27 10 AM Shabbat Services with Torah reading of the Splitting of the Sea.

We will also celebrate the baby naming of Amaya Silberberg, daughter of Janine and Justin Silberberg.

Sunday, January 28th  Feel the Rhythm of the Beat – 10 am It’s our SECOND Sing-A-Long with Dr. Ralph Selig

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