Torah is the Best Treasure

October 9, 2020
By Beth Mordecai
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Torah is the Best Treasure

“Children, we have now Simches torah
It’s Simches torah all over the world
Torah is the best treasure
– At least that’s what the rabbi says.”

This verse, from a song entitled “Simches Toyre”, is a key to understanding just how joyous our final holiday of the season is.It is not simply an expression of our happiness that we get to begin the Torah from the beginning once again. Nor is it the release from a month of holidays, and eating, and praying, and eating that can cause some kind of ‘Jewish fatigue’ even amongst the most dedicated and committed among us. No. Simchat Torah is our opportunity, as a sacred community, to give honor to the core of our identity as a synagogue and as the Jewish People – the Torah itself.

What an incredible gift we have been given as a people! A history book, a law book, a moral guide, a code of ethics, a book with endless study possibilities and endless meanings – it truly is the best treasure!

We hope that in that light you will be inspired to a renewed relationship to Torah as we celebrate this magnificent gift in our lives and in our community.

Here is a version of the song mentioned above to get you into the spirit!

Shabbat, Simhat Torah Celebration, and Yizkor

Tonight’s service will include a celebration of Simhat Torah as well as an opportunity to say Yizkor.

To download and/or print a copy of the siddur we’ve been using for our Zoom Shabbatot, please click HERE.

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