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April 18, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Shabbat Hol Ha-Moed Passover (שבת חול המועד פסח) — Time for a Festival

Shabbat Hol Ha-Moed Passover 2014/5774: Time for a Festival In the portion for this Shabbat of Hol Ha-Moed Passover, we read the term "moed" as it refers to the holiday of Passover...or as it refers to the time of Aviv (Spring). So which is it? Does "moed" mean "festival" or "time"? We will explore this question as it will help us understand the unique qualities of Jewish festivals like Passover and how these holidays have special significance for us today. Classes from other years...Shabbat Hol Ha-Moed Passover 2013/5773 -- Keeping Shabbat in Passover

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