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January 2, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 551: Being Grateful For Surviving a Harrowing Experience (WE’RE SAFE!)

Dear Hevreh,   There are experiences that leave you breathless in a good way -- getting a job, having a baby, celebrating a simhah -- the seminal moments in your life that you'll  not only never forget, but leave you grateful and changed for the better.   Then there are experiences  that are unforgettable and leave you a bad way; the moments you'll never forget and never wished you had. And while ALL OF US ARE OK AND HEALTHY, Rachel, myself, and our little Jonah experienced one of those moments yesterday.   We were driving normally on the Turnpike to visit Rachel's parents for New Year's Day when all of a sudden we got hit hard by a car from behind us. Our excellent and safe car responded by skidding and[...]

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