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April 21, 2016
By bethmordecai
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Sell Your Hametz!

According to Jewish law, one must not own any piece of hametz for the duration of Passover. As such you are able to appoint Rabbi Saks to sell all of your hametz (including food and dishes) to be possessed by a non-Jewish buyer for the duration of Passover.    All hametz materials do NOT have to leave the home during Passover. They simply must be covered and placed out of sight. The non-Jewish buyer has the "right" (though never exercised) to come and take the hametz away during the holiday, which is why you'll need to supply your address to Rabbi Saks if you decide to sell your hametz.    Once Passover is over, the non-Jewish buyer will sell the hametz back to Rabbi Saks so all who appointed him as their seller can partake[...]

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