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April 22, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Counting the Omer — Day 6: Foundation (יסוד) within Lovingkindness (חסד)

"Yesod is the sephira of foundation, and also of reproductive energy, of sexual energy. Yesod within Hesed brings awareness of the future, the generative energy of continuity, within lovingkindness. The foundation of the future is built on the creative continuity of the past. Jewish tradition teaches us that each generation stands on the shoulders of the last. Thus we are able to see further into the future by standing on a firm foundation. Today we remember that this entire pyramid of generations is upported by story, memory, and love. Without the founation, the pyramid, like a tower of cheerleaders, can tumble. The parade of generations is like a caravan over time, where precious cargo is guarded and passed on at each[...]

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