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Giddy’s Pizzeria

July 25, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 755: Open Air, Open “Doors,” Open Shabbat

Dear Hevreh, There is nothing like Shabbat by the Sea. The view, the atmosphere, the singing and dancing. It's a very special time for our community, and though our first Shabbat was rained out I am looking forward to a wonderful season of making memories in the open air by the Raritan Bay. Being in the open air (i.e. outside of the walls of our building) means that while the experience of Shabbat by the Sea is meant for our community's benefit, we are exposing the elements of our ritual to onlookers and passerby in the local Perth amboy community. Dog-walkers, runners, children at play, even couples taking pictures before their wedding (according to a story shared by Rabbi Melinda Zalma during[...]

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