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February 13, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 593: Snow…Again

Dear Hevreh, As a child, I loved it when it snowed. It felt like an unexpected gift because not only would it (usually) mean a day off from school, but the sight and feel of snow made me feel happy, even a little whimsical. There is such an indescribable beauty to the whiteness covering the earth that you might even call it spiritual. Perhaps that spiritual element is embedded in a teaching from Pirkei D'rabbi Eliezer(chapter 3) which states: הארץ מאי זה מקום נבראת? משלג שתחת כסא כבודו. לקח וזרק על המים ונקפאו המים ונעשו אפר ארץ שנאמר "כי לשלג אמר הוי ארץ" (אויב לז:ו) וכו From where was the earth created? From the snow underneath [God's] Throne of Glory. God took the[...]

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