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April 14, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 653: A Sobering Passover Lesson from Kansas City: Our Freedom Is Precious

Dear Hevreh, Every year, Passover affords us an opportunity to remember to not take our freedom for granted, as individuals and especially as Jews. No matter how starkly the haggadah teaches us that our freedom is precious, that if it wasn't for the exodus we "would still be slaves in Egypt," our day-to-day life in a country in which Jews are freer than ever before can make this entreaty by the rabbis sound little hollow.   That is until moments like yesterday.   With gunshots sounding at the JCC and a Jewish retirement home in Kansas City, so too does the warning of the rabbis embedded in the teachings of the haggadah: remember that you were slaves in Egypt because if you're not careful it could happen again. Throughout[...]

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