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May 6, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Counting the Omer — Day 21: Indwelling Presence (שכינה) within Harmony (תפארת)

Day 21 מלכות/שכינה שבתפארת - Indwelling Presence within Harmony The path between these two s’firot in our body is along the centerline, from Malkhut/Sh’khinah, a place where we connect to the earth (base of the spine or feet) through Y’sod (genitals, foundation, the location of th energy of regeneration), to Tiferet (heart, harmony, balance). When we keep these places in our body in alignment with each other, we stand or sit up straight. This posture is recommended in many meditation traditions, as it allows energy to flow smoothly up and down. One of the traditional morning blessings expresses gratitude to God who “straightens the bent,” who keeps these s’firot lined with each other (Counting the Omer: A Kabbalistic Meditation[...]

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