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psalm 136

May 7, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Counting the Omer — Day 22: Lovingkindness (חסד) within Endurance (נצח)

Day 22 -- חסד שבנצח: Lovingkindness within Endurance On any path toward self-improvement, persistence is key. Gyms and health clubs experience an upsurge of interest, enrollment and attendance every January as people resolve to exercise, lose weight, and get fit after the indulgence of the winter holiday season. By March, the enthusiasm has usually waned, replaced by boredom, hard work, slow progress and the distractions of early spring. Preparing for revelation, which we do during the counting of the Omer, is a spiritual path that requires stamina. In Hesed sheb’Netzah, that stamina is powered by love, as in Psalm 136 where the phrase “God’s love endures forever (ki l’olam hasdo) is repeated twenty-six times. Created in God’s image, we are inspired and committed to tikkun loam, helping others,[...]

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