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March 1, 2015
By bethmordecai
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Bulletin Article March 2015 — The Dark Exuberance of Purim

The Dark Exuberance of Purim Purim is here! So don your Queen Esther costume, eat as many hamantaschen as possible, drink all night, and twirl your grogger in the air. It’s time to celebrate this holiday of marbim b’simhah, of increased joy. So please join us for our celebration of Purim which includes… A Purim carnival with an amazing magician (Sunday, March 1st 12-3 pm at the JCC in Edison); Mishloah Manot (Gift Basket) Delivery to Jewish Veterans (Sunday, March 1st 3:30 pm at the NJ Veterans Home and Hospital near Menlo Park Mall); A special #AskTheRabbi Purim Edition on “Should You Get Drunk on Purim?” (Wednesday, March 4th 12 pm at Menlo Park Mall Food Court); A Hamantaschen Bake-off and Megillah Reading (Wednesday, March[...]

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