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March 19, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 627: Feeling Energized

(3/19/14) What was your favorite part of Homecoming Weekend? The schmoozing on the boat? The reminiscing with old and new friends? We're sharing some of our favorite memories right now on our new Facebook group "We Are Beth Mordecai" so please log on and share your memories.   As I think back in my own mind to all of these memories (and as I read the ones you share online), I can't help but feel one thing...energized. The love and connection that permeated our sanctuary, Safran Hall, the boat, and even the walking tour of Perth Amboy is still present, like God's sukkat shalom in the evening Hashkivenu prayer. Ever present and ever comforting is the feeling generated by the Homecoming Weekend, which leaves me with only one response... to[...]

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