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this week’s episode

October 30, 2015
By bethmordecai
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Rabbi Saks’ Weekly Online Parashah Class

RABBI SAKS' WEEKLY ONLINE PARASHAH CLASS -- Watch the Latest Episode Here... Take a "Torah" lunch break and join Rabbi Saks for his weekly Online Parashah class every Friday at 12 pm.  Watch episodes of Rabbi Saks' Online Parashah Class (according to the triennial cycle) by clicking on this link or "Online Parashah Class" in the menu above For a listing of classes according to each portion, click this link Latest class... Parashat Vayera 2015/5776: Where Is Home? Beginning with Abraham, the Israelites are in constant search for home. Their existence is predicated upon the constant search for home and the reality of living in the diaspora or exile. Is it possible for the Israelites to truly ever reach home? Is it possible for us[...]

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