Beth Mordecai Calendar Ideas

June 29, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Beth Mordecai Calendar Ideas

Share your ideas to fill our calendar for the next 18 months! Due date is Friday, July 18th.

The only requirements for these ideas are…

1) Naming the person responsible for overseeing and implementing the idea (preferably the one who is sharing the idea) — This is NOT a collection of brainstorming ideas. This IS a collection of the ideas that individually and collectively we take responsibility for implementing.

2) When should the idea take place — This can be…

  1. a specific date for an event/program (e.g. Sept 17th for a Concert in the Park)
  2. a specific time of year for an event/program (e.g. Concert in the park sometime in September, maybe even October)
  3. a general time frame for a longer campaign (e.g. one year to attract young members to Perth Amboy) which includes specific times of year for certain programs/events (e.g. September/October for meet and greet) and/or specific dates (e.g. April 5th, baseball game for potential members)

At this time, the ideas do NOT have to be fully formed, but the MORE formed (and detailed) they are, the better we will be able to schedule them effectively.

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