2014-08-22 - YJPA Logo - Final

Young Jewish Perth Amboy (YJPA) is a place for young professionals 20s-40, their significant others and their friends to meet, grow their network, and celebrate the inclusive and loving community here. Come meet us– we can’t wait to meet you!!

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Why Young Jewish Perth Amboy?

  • Young- we actively reach out to those in their 20s-~40 who are looking for a vibrant, refreshing, open, and loving community.
  • Jewish- Some of us are Jewish, and some of us have ties to the Jewish community, either through a spouse, significant other, friend, or other avenue that led us to interest in Jewish life. No matter what your connection to the Jewish community, we welcome you with open arms!
  • Perth Amboy- We see potential for a thriving social and spiritual community in our beautiful city by the bay. Whether you live here, live an hour away, or you’re just passing through, join us and get to meet others in the area.


Get in touch– yjperthamboy@gmail.com