DAY 729: Homeward to Camp

June 29, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 729: Homeward to Camp

Dear Hevreh,

I just wanted to share a quick note letting you know that Rachel, Jonah, and I are headed on vacation to Camp Ramah in the Poconos for two weeks, returning on July 13th. While Rachel and I have spent many summers there as campers and as staff, this will be the first time we will be there as a family. It’ll be Jonah’s first introduction to a locale that holds a special place not only in his parents’ hearts, but in the hearts of many members (and generations) of our respective families. In many ways, our shlep to the Poconos tomorrow feels like heading home and I’m excited that we can pass on the tradition of going to Camp Ramah to Jonah. After all, isn’t that what Jews do? Pass our traditions down to the next generation? Of course Jonah, like all of us, have to make those traditions meaningful for him in his own context, but he can’t make those traditions meaningful unless he’s introduced to them in the first place. So beginning tomorrow, we will introduce Jonah to our tradition of Camp Ramah in the Poconos and hopefully over time he will find it as meaningful, as special, and as homey as we do.

Kol tuv (until after July 13th!),

Rabbi Ari Saks

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