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March 1, 2015
By bethmordecai
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DAY 974: Trying On Something New — Recapping our Murder Mystery Event

מה שנהגו ללבוש פרצופים בפורים וגבר לובש שמלת אשה ואשה כלי גבר אין איסור בדבר מאחר שאין מכוונים אלא לשמחת בעלמא (שלחן עורך, סימן תרצ"ו, סעיף ח') The custom of wearing masks on Purim, or men dressing in women's clothing and women dressing in men's clothing, is not forbidden since the only intention [of these actions] is mere happiness" (Shulkhan Orekh, 696:8) Dear Hevreh, It's fun to play a "B" movie star even though I should really have been an A-lister. As my self-obsessed alter-ego Kelly Kingsley would have said during last night's FANTASTIC Murder Mystery Party, "The only thing stopping me from getting to the top is bad movie directors and poor talent evaluators." It was fun to play a character wholly[...]

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