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June 18, 2014
By bethmordecai
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DAY 718: Sometimes The Stories Find You

Dear Hevreh, Last week I was sitting at a table in the Menlo Park Mall for my weekly open "Ask the Rabbi" when I received a phone call from John*, a local resident who has come to me in the past for help with homelessness. Here is a not-so-exact version of our conversation: Me: "Hi, John" John: "Rabbi, are you at the mall?" Me (a little surprised): "Um, yea." John: "In the food court?" Me: "Yes" John: "Where? I don't see you?" Me (turning around and seeing him): "Look behind you." It turns out that John and some of his friends his saw the advertisement for "Ask the Rabbi" in the local paper and thought that instead of only coming to my door to ask for help in a crisis,[...]

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