Adult Education GUEST Lecture: Dr. (Rabbi) David Kraemer

November 10, 2014
By bethmordecai
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Adult Education GUEST Lecture: Dr. (Rabbi) David Kraemer

Join us for a VERY special guest lecture from renowned Talmudist, Professor, Librarian of the Jewish Theological Seminary DR. DAVID KRAEMER! 

Date: 7:30 pm Thursday, November 20th 2014

Where: Congregation Beth Mordecai (224 High Street, Perth Amboy 08861)

Topic: Food, Identity, and Blessings

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Many assume that when we recite blessings for food (such as “hamotzi”), we are in effect blessing the food we are about to consume. In reality, though, blessings have a very different function and, understood correctly, they provide a crucial key to understanding the Jewish world-view. What do kashrut and blessings say about our relationship to this earth? This is the fundamental question Dr. Kraemer will address in his presentation.

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